Coffee lover's review of Store Espresso cafe, Leichhardt

My family have just moved to Leichhardt and we know no-one in the inner west to get our recommendations from for the go-to spots for coffee. As a mobile physio, caffeine keeps me going on the road, and I've become quite fussy - no ordinary beans or barista will do! So I vowed I would trek the streets of Leichhardt until I found my "place". And it would appear I struck it lucky first go! Store cafe Leichhardt

Store Espresso cafe is positioned close to Market Place on Marion Street, but you might not know it. The shopfront is small, and doesnt reflect the size of the cafes interior, and gives no hint about the garden courtyard out back. But keep an eye out for the cute dog bowls out the front, as this place welcomes pups and public alike (*dogs outside only though, peeps.)

Its cosy inside and decorated in an industrial vintage kind of way - a stuffed deer head, vintage plates and wine crates decorate the dark grey walls. It immediately feels homely and welcoming - important for me, as I cant stand pretentious over-the-top cafes with too-cool-for-school staff. The people that work here are cool, don't get me wrong - piercings, tattoos, good-looking hipster types...but also really nice and attentive. I had my daughter with me on this visit and she was about to commence a toddler meltdown. Noticing this, they gave me a marshmallow to help settle her for a while - absolute genius! I was in love with this place already and hadn't even tasted their coffee yet.

When I did, I let out an internal cry of happiness!

The coffee was creamy. It wasn't too bitter, or not bitter enough.

The milk, the perfect temperature (for there is nothing worse than burned milk - it's blasphemous.)

The staff remembered to bring water to the table. Bonus points.

Can't believe that for my first cafe review I'm about to do this, but this place scores a 10/10. Go and check them out!