Gluteus Medius Strengthening videos

Hi guys, thought I would do a couple of videos on the Gluteus Medius muscle. I give these exercises out daily so thought it would be a nice one to direct clients to and  friends. Basically I am sick of repeating myself :)  

The Gluteus Medius muscle is strange in that the anterior fibres have a slightly different function than the posterior fibres.  This muscle helps to stabilise the pelvis when strong but when it is weak it can contribute to low back pain and lower limb injuries, such as ITB friction.


So if you are weak in this muscle make sure a physio or health professional has assessed the strength as the body likes to pretend it is strong by compensating in other places. Start with video one and work into the standing postures. These gluteus medius strengthening exercises are great for runners, individuals with hip osteoarthritis/post total hip replacement and soccer players with groin and hip disorders.


Video 1 - side-lying


Video 2 - standing