Three standing hamstring strengthening exercises

Recently I have had a spate of hamstring re-injuries following a strain. Most returned to sport to early (none on my advice!) and when this happens you could be looking at several months of recovery. My opinion is that awe are often overoptimistic in when we should return after a hamstring injury. A great example is the soccer, player deemed ready to play if he can fully participate in the last training session the day or two before a game. This is not a good criterion for return to sport as match play has 15 times the risk of injury as does a training session. Important factors, such as high-speed running, muscle fatigue and competitiveness are not tested as much in a training session that often consists of small-sided games and more specific soccer drills.


Mimic how the hamstring contracts

Another element that a lot of clients seem to miss is trying to mimic how the hamstring contracts in sprinting, sport and running. The  video below demonstrates three standing hamstring exercises that look to contact the hamstring at different lengths, eccentrically and with short sharp bursts

Please only do these exercises if I (or another physio) has prescribed them as they are best performed at the middle to later stages of hamstring injury rehab and this has not been covered here.


Hamstring Strengthening exercises