How to Bulletproof your back - lifting techniques for parents

Over the last two years I have treated lots of parents with back pain. If seems envitable that at some point as a parent you will suffer back pain. An often over looked aspect of developing back pain is a correct lifting techniques. I know I know! it's boring being told by a physio about your lifting technique but pretty much every parent I go and treat is doing it wrong.  

It's no secret that most people stop there physio or rehab exercises after a few weeks. It doesn't help that most are as boring as bat poo and i've been trying to jazz my exercises up for years! It's a hard sell at the best of times. As a dad of two and someone that has always loved exercise I have found myself doing my core work either at the park and playtime with my three year old. Incidental exercise!


So check out the 3 tips below. They may just save your back!


Tip 1  - correct lifting from the floor


Tip 2 - an alternative technique for putting your bub in the cot


Tip 3 - pilates while you play. Try some of these exercises while you play with bub.