Self treatment video series part one: tight calves

This is the first video of a series looking into self treatment techniques for a variety of common injuries and complaints. Firstly let's look at tight calves.  

Calf pain is a complaint I see on a regular basis. Whether you're a recreational runner, elite athlete or handyman around the house, calf-pain can strike the lot of us at some point. The first sign is often pain during running, which gradually increases as the run continues.  Another tell tale sign is a tight and often painful ankle first thing in the morning that subsides over time. It's best to get calf tightness diagnosed from your physio before going on and trying to do something about it. This blog will not go into why calf tightness occurs but this blog here written by Tom Goom, a senior physio from the UK explains a bit about why you might be getting tight calfs. Additionally this earlier blog explains some ways you can assess whether you may have a problem in the ankle/foot.


As a physio I have always treated calf tightness but it wasn't until my own calves got tight after buying a rigid pair of North Face trail runenrs from a running shop in Bondi that I realised how long it takes to get over this tightness. Calf tightness unfortunately also increases your risk of other more serious injuries, this blog here by James Dunne from the UK expalins why this tightness may lead to achilles tendonitis (tendinopathy).


So what can we do about it? Click on the video below for some self treatment techniques. This works best with dry needling and deep tissue massage.