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As thousands of Sydney-siders shake off their hangovers and awaken with bleary eyes from Bondi Beach festivities, the new year’s resolutions made much earlier arise from the shadows and plonk themselves firmly on everyone’s 2014 to-do list. Were you one of those who’s list included a fervent promise to “get fit and healthy”?  

If so, here’s some inspiration from the world’s fittest people to get you going.



It’s a debatable title, I give you that, but one of the undoubtable frontrunners for the title in 2013 was not an ultra-marathon runner. Or a cyclist. Or a swimmer, for that matter. Rich Froning – professional ‘CrossFit’ athlete – spent 2013 showing the world the health benefits of this unique mix of aerobic fitness and weightlifting workouts.

Rich Froning Cross Fit

So how fit is he, exactly? Apparently he can deadlift 240kg – the weight of a baby grand piano, to give some perspective. He can squat 190kg, bench 150kg, clean and jerk 150kg, and…. Is said to have the aerobic fitness of an Olympic swimmer. Fair play, lad.



There are some incredibly impressive women who could take out this title, but in my humble opinion, Dara Torres takes the cake. This former Olympic swimmer was the first (and only) American swimmer to compete in 5 Olympic Games, and at the age of 41 competed at the Beijing Olympics where she won silver medals in all three of her events.  If you’re looking for long term inspiration, I simply don’t think you can beat this fitness diva.

World's fittest woman


Notable Mentions:

Ranulph Fiennes: Another ‘senior-citizen’ to make my all-time fitness list, Ranulph Fiennes is virtually fitness royalty. The guy was the first person to reach both the North and South Poles , he crossed Antarctica on Foot, ran seven marathons in seven continents in seven days, and – at the ripe old age of 68 – is about to embark on his first crossing of Antarctica during the southern winter.


World's Fittest Man


Serena Williams

Ranked No1 in the world in tennis, there’s simply no denying this girl’s got game. She’s been ranked World No1 six times in a row, for goodness sake. She’s been around forever, and is still going strong... What I like most about Serena is that she fights back to the top after very serious injuries; she’s obviously got a good physio!

World's Fittest Women




So - who makes your list?