Epic Twerking Injury - Go Go Physio, Sydney

When it comes to Twerking, is prevention the best cure for injury?  Twerking

Maybe I’m showing my age, but I had no idea what Twerking was until Miley Cyrus recently decided to shatter my bubble of blissful ignorance.  Along with 500million other people, I decided to watch Miley’s performance to discover what it was for myself.  I think my partner once tried a similar move on me about ten years ago, but perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me; wishful thinking.

Anyway, Twerking, in theory, is harmless enough. At a push, I can imagine a few hip injuries. But this chick takes it to a whole new level.

Watch the Video:  Twerking gone wrong.

I guess the old expression remains true: prevention really is the best cure. And perhaps it's best to remember....twerking can be somewhat of a bit of a fire hazard, folks!