What are the top three jobs in Sydney? / Go Go Physio Eastern Suburbs

The naval ships in Sydney recently did a huge PR job for defence force recruitment. All those big ships and fancy uniforms making a military career look so exciting. You may not know that I myself am a former military man, having served faithfully in the Royal Air Force for 6years before realising it was not the career for me; I needed to be free. No real surprises that fast-forward another six years and I'm now working for myself!

Anyway, the super advertising efforts of the defence forces got me questioning; what are the best careers out there?

My top 3 Sydney Jobs: Ad creative: my recent time treating clients at super-cool Droga in Surry Hills has shown me that the reputation for long boozy lunches in the ad-game are outdated. These people work hard, make no mistake. But they work...cool, fun, creative, dynamic, spirited. Every time I leave that office I come away inspired.





Outdoor fitness group Trainer: you've seen the 6am fitness groups on nearly every beach on the Eastern Suburbs coastlines, and when I watch the Evolution to Wellbeing guys in Coogee I can't help but have job-envy. A career that lets you soak up the sunshine in the most beautiful pocket of the world, keep fit, meet fun and interesting people? Not too bad if you ask me!




Bondi Surflifesavers - the bondi rescue guys are world famous for their jobs. But (spot the theme here...) these guys get to spend their days outside, at the beach, saving lives. Many an office worker will walk into their office at 8am, eat lunch at their desk, exit at 6pm and wonder where their day has gone. Not these guys! They're out there in the elements. And, they're heroes to boot!




I also must say, being a mobile Physio ain't too shabby. I get to take my breaks in the parks and on the beaches of Bronte, Coogee, Maroubra and more. I meet interesting people every day and take pride and satisfaction out of helping them to get moving again. Being a late night service, the hours are long but at least I get to be out and enjoying the day.