"I wish I'd broken my leg!" - The top 5 Injuries you really want to avoid

So, you're injured. You're probably feeling pretty hard up right now. But there are some truly horrendous injuries out there, and I thought I'd share a few of them to put things into perspective! Here is my top  5 list of the injuries that you really want to avoid. When I come across any of these injuries I cringe inside! Has your physio ever groaned when assessing your body? If so..... you're probably on the list!




1. Disc prolapse (neck or lower back) AKA disc bulge, slipped disc, herniated disc,

When this injury is severe it can be so debilitating you literally can't even move. I have seen people stuck in bed, on trains and even overseas unable to travel for weeks. I'd bore you if I delved into the detail about why these prolapses occur but it's safe to say I'd rather break my leg than have a disc prolapse, as some of the really bad ones can take years to get over.


Ways to avoid this injury:

Pilates, Yoga, avoiding sustained postures, 

Guess who suffers from this:  Victoria Beckham


2. ANY tendinopathy AKA tendinitis

The problem with tendons is they have a really crappy blood supply. Also most people don't realise that they have a tendon problem so just keep training through the pain. When they get a diagnosis most folks usually go through a denial stage (again I've done this myself!). This deadly mix can equate to anything from months to years of continued problems! Common areas include the hamstring, patella tendon and achilles.


Ways to avoid this injury:

Be vigilante to any ongoing pain at your tendons and listen to your body. Tendon problems happen when you have a spike in training or overload a muscle over a long period of time. Stop training and see a physio ASAP. 

Guess who suffers from this:  Rafael Nadal (patella tendinopathy)


3. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome AKA TOS

The thoracic outlet is the space between your collarbone (clavicle) and your first rib. This narrow passageway is crowded with blood vessels, muscles, and nerves. When this area become compressed it causes a variety of symptoms which together are known as thoracic outlet syndrome. This syndrome is complex, thus a full explanation is beyond the scope of this blog. In a nutshell most people go for years without a diagnosis and after multiple medicals tests come back negative clients are normally desperate by the time they are diagnosed.


Ways to avoid this injury:

Most cases are from repetitive strain activities and after trauma (e.g whiplash) so make sure you get therapy for these risk factors.

Guess who suffers from this:  Isaac Hanson (ohh bop!)


4. Plantar Fasciitis AKA chronic heel pain, heel spur, PF

The problem with heel pain is you aggravate it every time you walk. I commonly see this condition after clients have been running on it for months!! Like a tendon problem, the plantar fascia has a poor blood supply, causing a poor healing response.


Ways to avoid this injury:

Don't kid yourself! If you have heel pain get it checked out! If you are a runner, roll a tennis ball under your foot. 

Guess who suffers from this: Shaquille O'Neal


5. Chronic Headaches AKA migraines, tension headaches

Let's be honest, headaches are terrible. If you have ever had a migraine then enough said!


Ways to avoid this injury: 

Work on poor posture, pilates, see a headache trained physio 

Guess who (used) to suffer from this: The king Elvis Presley 


The problem with most of the above is that people don't realise they have a real problem so take an age to get it diagnosed. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!