Emergency Physiotherapy - Don't fear we work Sunday's

I've been told by my clients that trying to find a physio clinic that is open on a Sunday is tough, but fear not we are open every Sunday! As a mobile physiotherapy service we can set up in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. All we need is a small space to fit a portable table. We take card payments and accept all healthcare rebates. Another new cool feature is the ability to claim for you healthcare extras (like physio) online or via an app. All you do is upload the receipt that we email to you via the app or online and bam claim sorted. This sort of technology is making my job and my clients experience a lot smoother.  

So this Sunday I was treating a client with middle back acute pain. This can be an extremely painful musculoskeletal disorder. So what is the cause of the pain? - Usually the superficial part of the spine (muscle, joint or ligament) is the perpertrator. The sprained tissue becomes inflamed, causing pain signals to be sent to the spinal cord. A local muscle spasm is extremely common, but it's normally a chicken or egg scenario. Is the joint causing the problem and leading to muscle spasm or vice versa. This is difficult to work out but a thorough physio assessment normally does the trick. Another suspect is the ribcage. If you are feeling pain refer around your chest, pain on coughing, sneezing or laughing then you have probably sprained a rib. There are some serious conditions linked with thoracic pain but they are extremely uncommon.



I get great results with a combination of massage, dry needling and local mobilisations. Luckily 90% of all episodes of simple thoracic pain get better within 2 weeks with conservative management. I have probably treated one of these every Sunday for the last year! So Sydney now has a mobile physio service which operates on a Sunday. If you're not sure or have questions then give us a call. We will listen to your problem and only advise a session if you really need it.